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The relevance of global reflection on 70 Years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948-2018 is captured in a UN publication (1993). The publication titled “Human Rights: Questions and Answers” while giving that definition of human rights stressed that “the denial human rights and fundamental freedom not only results in individual and personal tragedy but also creates conditions of social and political unrest, sowing seeds of violence and conflict within and between societies and nations. Succinctly put, human rights observance, like democracy is costly, but in the longrun, it is cheaper than rebellion and civil war, the only alternatives”.

On this premise, globally and country by country, greater awareness is being generated by member countries of the UN to examine and address the disturbing trend if human rights abuse and the need to comply with UN Resolutions as well as Regional Charters on Human Rights.

70 Years after the Declaration, it is disheartening that in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular, human rights abuse is on ascending order apparently because of lack of political will on the leadership and the dysfunctioning of machineries put in place for protection and defence of human rights in respective countries.

From North Africa to South Africa and from West Africa to Central and East Africa there are untold stories of human rights abuses. Sadly the powers of the African Court of Human and People’s Rights in Arusha, Tanzania have been eroded as AU member countries hardly respect its directives and orders.

The 4th Annual Landmark Africa Leadership Development Conference is therefore compelled to tailor its Theme with focus on Nigeria as the giant of Africa. We recognize the efforts of institutions and individuals towards protecting and defending human rights within their capacity and they will be honoured accordingly.

We commend and welcome in particular, the emergence of the Network of Human Rights Commission West Africa with every hope that it will be the harbinger of real protection and defence of human rights in ECOWAS countries nay Africa.

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