Economic Recession- Mama Ijebu Takes Over From Baba Ijebu


The economic recession is boomerang and people are finding it rather though to keep both fingers at work but thanks to EASY MONEY slogan which had become the order of the day.

Life is burdensome and inflation had risen from 20% last March to 120% this February 2017, the economy is biting harder, unbearable daily and the only option to keep body and soul together is through participation in QUICK MONEY BUSINESS known as BABA IJEBU LOTTERY

Our magazine, Landmark Africa went to town for coverage and here are excerpts of the interview, since the business has left Babas to Mamas participating in the hide-out game of LOTTERY BANKERS, AND STAKERS.

Nowadays, the market has changed, and women are now involved in the business, and daily the rate of women flocking into the system has double men folk hence the name is no more strange to women if you call them MAMA ALAYES, MAMA IJEBUS they are happy and the face of shy is no longer seen in them.

For benefit of readers, here are excerpts of the interview we had with some women who are not shy to be called or referred to as MAMA IJEBU”

Sisi Ologe Iyaniwura Oseni: – the business had risen from 2014 – 2016 and we women called us Mama Ijebus are better in lottery than men folk. I have no money on January 27, 2017, what I did was to check number and I spoke to an oracle, who quickly gave me o 27, 36, 92 and second day all the numbers entered, I won N52,000 and I was able to pay my house rent and to give 3meals daily to my children.

Mama Alata Dandy Omemen:- Look my brother, I am too young to play Baba Ijebu, but today even at 34yrs old, I won N14,000 last week February 18, 2017 and today I can boast of having my own Fish Pond in my backyard house where I feed the fishes. Yes it was Mama Ijebu Lottery that helps me.

Iya Olobi Seriki Adams:-Even if you say I should not play Baba Ijebu now called Mama Ijebu among we women, my brother I shall curse you, because late last year when I had no kobo, I went to my senior brother Ailem Yisa, who gave me N1000 for transport, quickly went to nearby center, then I told one boy to help me with number 5, 1 & 49 and the evening all the numbers entered, I won N72,000 the weekend was better and I spent new year 2017 in my own house at Akute which I had built for 10yrs but not habitable, today, baba-mama Ijebu Lottery helped me.

Mama Kudirat Al-Hassan:-I do not know that there is a business that can fetch me N5000 weekly not until when one boy called Omo Ibo, gave me 5 numbers to try and I played the game, second day, I won N30,000 ever since that time, even Igbo which I sold does not fetch quick money than Mama Ijebu. Thanks to Mama Ijebu Inventors- Mama Ijebu is the way, politicians can fail you but Mama Ijebu will never fail.

Mama Atere John: I did not tell my husband that I won Baba Ijebu lottery twice and when he saw me on one Sunday after church, he was furious but I begged him, look even to the house I am building, with Mama Ijebus winning lotteries, he drark, danced that he also will play Baba Ijebu and weekly he plays won N12, 000, N5, 000 and has been a regular player for 3months now, thanks to Baba-Mama Ijebu lottery games.


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