Nigeria’s Economic Woes and Way Forward


Welcome to News Stand Landmark Africa and readers celebrate the birth of this fascinating magazine, the maiden editorial is based on Nigeria’s Economic Woes and Way Forward.

The economic imbalance in Nigeria is biset with artificial barrier and this problem could be resolved if the APC led Federal Government will yearn to suggestion, this magazine will provide in a bid to sustain the oil blessing end owed to us by God.

From historical background, and dated to the Pre-colonial period of our history, before the advent of oil, Nigeria has relied wholly on agriculture-cash crop, cocoa, cotton, groundnut, cashew, palm kernel reserves in the 60’s were able to provide importation.

Naira was valuable, in 1970 $1 was sold for 60k today a dollar has risen to N200.00, the ratio is 333% thus inflation, is the order of the day.

Corruption is the main stream of the fall of external reserves, and our leaders are obsessed in the corruption vices, thus they amassed the people’s wealth for their callousness dissipation to vulnerable maiden and unbiblical approach to life styles.

The kingdom is faced with wahala, insecurity, poor road, food shortage, armed robbery, 419, bombing, gun trotting and a host of unpalatable happenings in the society. Coup and counter coups faced the military incursion into body polity. Yes the Murtala Mohammed era though short lived but a blessing to Nigerians. Yakubu Gowon era was another blessing and advent of oil but Shagari, administration was a calamity while the worst was the Abacha era, who single handedly stole over $5b for his selfish gains.

Thanks to God for installing Buhari administration who is fighting corruption which had eaten the fabrics system of our economy.

Ipsofacto the way forward will be enumerated here under MARCH TO GLORY, will not be by magic but will be a collective support to fight corruption, Nigeria to go back and practice agriculture, external and internal debts must be settled. Nigeria’s wealthy billionaires must donate to bail us out of debts burden, earnest our mineral resources encourage farmers by granting loans, create good infrastructural development in Local govts, states and Federation.

In addition, we need revolution, to knock our Boko Haram insurgency, the Biafra Agitators, Avengers, Militants and other social ills plaguing the nation.

A coarse period is what we are facing in the country, and the immediate cause to bail us out of this economic strangulation is to call for assistance from Nigerians in foreign country, who have billion dollars in their accounts, and wealthy Nigerians, company Executives, business men and women, must donate money for Nigeria to move forward, such that power generation food shortage could improve rapidly during the Buhari administration.

In summation thereof, the cabals must forget the past mistakes, join hands with Buhari led federal govt. and remove us form economic woes which had plagued the country as one of the corrupt nations in the world. We say kudos to FG if you adhere to these steps, while welcoming Mr. Landmark Africa to the news stand. Thanks.


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