South Africa Confronts Economic Recession


After a decade of economic stagnation, South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa’s effort to revive the bastardly economy is now being programmed to better the recession.

Reuters reports from South Africa indicated a 7 percent decline in the agricultural, transport and retail sectors of the economy. According to Mr. Johnson Chukwu, the CEO of Cowry Asset Management Limited South is facing the threat of recession because United States is at down ward economic war with China. Turkey is a fund manager to assist South Africa since South Africa is a beneficiary of the emerging market economy that will uplift the recession facing the country.

China is an exporter of South Africa’s products; but the losses of two percent and government bonds fell after the data report collected by experts on the economy. The ruling African National Congress stated that mining output grew by 4.9 per cent, and finance by 1.9 per cent while storage shrank to 4.9 per cent, while gross fixed capital fell by 0.5 per cent in the second quarter.

Mr. Ramaphosa has made a policy to wooing foreign and domestic money donors as the cornerstone of economic reforms. Economists gave fore cast that South African Reserve Bank will raise interest rates has inflation is at rise which stood at 5.1 per cent in July, while the GDP figures could draw the attention of the nation to sunk status.

The growth in the first half of 2018 is ugly showed a broad based weakness across the primary and tertiary sectors of the economy, said Senior Economist Mr. Jeffrey Schultz of ENP Paribas. In his own monitoring reports, the Head of Research at ETM Analytics Mr George GLYnos the recession was a function of South Africa’s maladministration. The situation is not what Ramaphosa would like running into election in next year pointing out that the optics of the nation is poor.


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