Swedish PM Voted Out By Parliament


In Sweden, the Parliamentarians have voted out the centre left Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD), in a Parliamentary debate backed the vote to remove him after a general election that delivered a boych parliament.

The election to remove him in the House was proposed by 204 Parliamentarians while 142 members voted in his favour. The Speaker of the House will propose a new successor with centre-right leader Ulf Kristersson Sean as the most likely candidate in the race. Mr. Lofven the leader of the Social Democrats came to power in 2014.The centre left bloc won 144 seats more than the centre right bloc led by Kristersson.

However, neither of the blocs intends to govern with the Social Democrats who is the third largest party in the new parliament with 625 seats. Mr. Andreas Norten a member of Kristersson Moderate Party was confirmed as parliament New Speaker.

Mr. Lofven who is the leader of the largest party in the House said he intended to work and form another government across the political parties adding that “I see good opportunities to continue as Prime Minister.
He said that he did not believe that fresh elections were what voters needed but that he would never support a government that relied on the Social Democrats.

He pointed out that a new government was needed with broad political support in the parliament. While the SD is being expected to back the Moderate candidate Mr. Lofven then warned the centre right bloc against relying on the support of a party which is founded by Nazis in the Swedish parliament.


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