The Role Of Medium And Small Scale Entrepreneur In A Developing Economy

The topic: The Role Of Medium And Small Scale Entrepreneur In A Developing Economy is very evergreen particularly now that our economy is let...

SMEs Are The Bedrock Of Nations’ Economy

It may be a culture or inherited beliefs but the greatest thing to happen in a civilized country is focusing attention on the development...

Strict Guards Provides Modern Security

History was recorded, when Strict Guards Ltd a network security outfit opens her corporate Head office, situated in Surelere, Lagos. Established as a child of...

Diamond Bank Supports Budding Entrepreneurs

Despite the harsh business operating environment, Diamond Bank has reignited confidence in the Nigerian economy with the resolve to continually support its development using...

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Leadership Crisis, The Challenge Of Africa In Quest For Continental Development

Africa’s struggle for development led to determination for self rule and eventual independence from colonial masters who managed the ruins of slavery and ethnic rivalries in each nation.

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The relevance of global reflection on 70 Years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948-2018 is captured in a UN publication (1993).

Appraisal Of 70 Years Of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights 1948-2018

A reflection of the universal declaration of human rights in the last 70years shows no doubt there is recognition of the rights of world citizens.

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