West Africa’S Failed War On Drugs

No matter where you look in West Africa, drug laws are failing. Despite tough sentencing guidelines and zero-tolerance policies, drug use is...

Corruption Bane Of Good Government

Democracy is the government of the people by the people , for the people and in Africa’s match to democratic system of government a...

The African Union’s Coercive Diplomacy in Burundi

Suspected fighters are paraded before Burundian media near a cache of recovered weapons. Bujumbura, Burundi, December 12,  2015. (Jean Pierre Harerimana/ Reuters/ Corbis). The African union...

Ecowas The Next Forty Years

As the West African regional body celebrates 40 years in May, The Africa Report looks at integration on the ground and what the next...

Africa: Is Good Governance Necessary for Economic Progress in Africa?

Some African leaders with 20 years in power, from top left to bottom right: Omar al – Bashir, Sudan; Idress  Deby  Itno, Chad; Yoweri...

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Leadership Crisis, The Challenge Of Africa In Quest For Continental Development

Africa’s struggle for development led to determination for self rule and eventual independence from colonial masters who managed the ruins of slavery and ethnic rivalries in each nation.

Editor’s Note

The relevance of global reflection on 70 Years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948-2018 is captured in a UN publication (1993).

Appraisal Of 70 Years Of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights 1948-2018

A reflection of the universal declaration of human rights in the last 70years shows no doubt there is recognition of the rights of world citizens.

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